Glastonbury 2010
 Trying to buy these Glastonbury tickets is like trying to catch the last life boat off the Titanic

Skins on BBC America
 I just got done watching both Effy's episode and Katie and Emily's episode on BBCA (Yay Tivo!) I have to say that without the original music, these episodes totally lost something. Even though Effy's episode was still able to convey the raw emotions felt by Effy (Kaya Scodelario really proves herself as a great actress) throughout the episode, I think the original music would have helped out a lot in certain scenes. For example: The love scene between Freddie and Effy was so powerful with the original music, Bon Iver's Woods , but with the BBCA music it was just kind of... BLEH! 

As for the twin's episode, let me first of all just say that I was never a huge fan of this episode to begin with, I feel like all the story lines had been a bit rushed and the ending was just a bit too unrealistic for me. I mean a slow clap? COME ON?! That being said, Without the original music I felt like this entire episode was a train wreck. The scene where Emily tells Thomas that she is gay, is one of my favorite scenes of the entire series, and although the acting is still great, I feel like it wasn't as powerful without the original music.

I understand that there are copyright issues and what not that are preventing BBC America from airing these episodes with the original music, but I still get disappointed. If I hadn't seen this show in its original format, I were watching it for the first time, there is no doubt in my mind that I would find it cheesy some of the time. I can't help but think that this crap music is selling this terrific show short. 

Okay... rant over.

Part 1: A Case of Mistaken Identity

Author: layrycbar 
Disclaimer: I obviously don't own skins... 
Pairing: Katie/Cook and Emily/ Naomi 
Rating: R ( swearing and what not)
Summary: Naomi and Cook help celebrate the Twin's seventeenth birthday... It will be a day no one will forget.

*** This is my first ever fic, so I'm sorry if it sucks***

Part 1: A Case of Mistaken Identity


Author: layrycbar 
Disclaimer: I obviously don't own skins... 
Pairing: Katie/Cook and Emily/ Naomi 
Rating: R ( swearing and what not)
Summary: Naomi and Cook help celebrate the Twin's seventeenth birthday... I will be a day no one will forget.

*** This is my first ever fic, so I'm sorry if it sucks***


 *******Naomi's POV*********

You have got to be fucking kidding me. I cannot believe I just gave in to her again,  and without even putting up a decent fight really. Lately it seems that when we have disagreements they never last long, because we always end up fucking. Of course it takes two to tango, but I blame all of this on Emily-- Emily and those fucking manipulating eyes! Those gorgeous brown eyes that can make me feel as guilty as a baby killer whenever she looks sad; then the next minute has me jumping all over her. Making me feel pervy when she gives me those “sex eyes.” I guess I can’t be too upset , I didn't stand a chance at all really, what with her being sexy as fuck and me being in fucking love with her. GERRRR! What’s happening to me? The old Naomi wouldn’t have backed down this easily, and well, Christ! I’M MAD DAMNIT! But right now it’s hard to stay mad at her especially when she’s doing this to me… Jesus she’s amazing, I cannot even believe how in love with this girl I am… No! Naomi, stop! You’re mad remember?! Mad!... Okay, maybe not that mad, actually maybe I’m not even mad at all.

As I feel myself getting closer, I forcibly remove one of my hands from Emily’s vibrant red and messy hair and place it over my mouth in order to suppress my moans of pleasure. Normally I’m not this shy about being loud, but being that today is Mum’s book club day and there are a handful of right strangers directly below my bedroom, I decide to be modest. Well, as modest as one can be while being fucked by their girlfriend in their parent’s home.

Catching my breath as I come down from my high, I can feel Emily slowly slithering her way up my body. She leaves hot kisses that trail from my belly button, all the way up too my neck, and finally places chaste kiss on my mouth. When she pulls back and looks at me in the eyes, I notice she has a smug grin on her face.

“ Alright Campbell, so it’s settled then, this Friday night you are coming with me, Katie, and Cook to the concert.”

“Ems, There is no way in fucking hell that you could get me to go a fucking concert. I mean it’s one thing that I even agreed to go with you to Crapping London, let alone those two twats…”

Emily jabs a finger into my ribs.

“Ouch! – Geez, I was kidding, easy on the violent outbursts Ems! Anyway... it’s a whole different situation when Britney Spears is involved.”

“Oh, come on Naomi! It’s her birthday and – "

“Emily, it’s your birthday too… and I was kind of hoping that we could spend the day together, not with your sister and her disgusting boy toy.”
Okay that's not fair, I mean I've kind of grown to like Cook-- respect him really. It's just that ever since the class elections I've felt a bit weird around him. I still haven't told Emily about our "almost" hook-up. I have to admit that I was relived when I found out that Cook and Katie properly getting it on. There may not be love between the two of them, but at least  they keep each other occupied.

“We will be together!”

“No, I mean alone… It was going to be a surprise, I planned everything out—A candle lit dinner, the house to ourselves, and I really want this birthday special for you. Hell, I was even going to cook for you.”

I see Emily’s face soften as I say this, she knows I’m not one for romantic gestures. Emily slowly leans in and cups my face with her hands and kisses my forehead. Aha! Maybe we will spend the day as I planned after all… but as she pulls away from me, that smug grin returns to her face.

“And how exactly would your cooking be special? We both know you can’t cook for shit hun.”

I grab a pillow from behind my head and smack her in the face with it. Emily just laughs.

“Sorry babe, I was only joking! The gesture is well sweet of you, and you know that I’d love to spend the day alone with you… but, it’s Katie’s birthday too you know? And we always spend our birthday together. I know that sounds weird to you but it’s— “

“ A twin thing?”


I let out an exasperated sigh.

“Okay, so I get that it’s a twin thing and all but why does Katie get to chose how to celebrate?”

“Because it’s her year to chose.”


“Every year since we turned ten, we’ve taken turns on choosing how we were going to spend our birthday, and this year just happens to be Katie’s year.”

“Oh Joy! So what did you do last year?”

“Last year we went to Giverny for a day to see Monet’s pink house you, know where he painted all those water lilies—“

“ A pink house?”

“Yeah, pink. He had it painted that color to match the Japanese cherry trees and the crab apple trees that bloom at the beginning of spring. The place was amazing I tell you, and oh God, the garden was just gorgeous…”

I couldn’t help but laugh as Emily gave me a detailed account of her and Katie’s last birthday. She explained how the beauty of Monet’s estate moved her to tears, and even though Katie couldn’t stop complaining about how boring it was, Emily still considered it her best birthday ever.

She is such a dork and she doesn’t even realize it, but I must say I love her for her dorkiness nonetheless.

“You do realize that you might be the biggest nerd ever right?”

Emily shot me a small little teasing pout before continuing, “Says the girl who spends the majority of her Saturday mornings at some kind of Environmental meeting.”

Well, she does have a point there, but somebody’s got to give a shit about the Earth! I am just about to go on one of my environmental rants when Emily suddenly shifts her body so that she is back on top of me strattling my waist and kissing me with a hard passion. Jesus, I could never get sick of this, the two of us naked, in my bed, just being us. I deepen our kiss then flip Emily over so now I’m now on top of her. I want to show her just how much I want her, and I know she is desperate for me because her breathing becomes shaky as I gently begin to suck and nibble at her neck. But I stop, pulling myself up and looking at her right in the eyes.

“Hey, stop trying to distract me Fitch, I’m trying to have a conversation here.”

Emily rolls her eyes then lets out a grunt and a few curses under her breath as props herself back up into a sitting position.

“ You’re a bloody tease Campbell.”

“Hey, I can’t help it if you have hormones of a teenaged boy,” I say mockingly sticking my tongue out.

“Sometimes I wish you were more like the old Naomi who would avoid a conversation like this at all costs.”

“What can I say, being in love with you has changed me into a better woman.”

“Yeah, well you didn't seem to mind my hormones a few minutes ago... Well get on with it…talk.”

“Right, so why Britney Spears? She’s terrible! I mean I’d rather listen to nails on a chalk board then have to listen to that slag.”

“Katie loves her, and again it’s her choice. It’s not my fault she listens to shitty music.”

“Oh, like your taste in music any better, what’s the last album you bought again? Oh yeah that’s right, the Kings of Leon!”

“Hey! They’re good!”

“No, they were good. Now they are shit because they have sold out to mainstream society, and they sound just like every other pop group that all the kids of our generation love--”

“You ready to step off your soapbox yet love?”

“Yeah, yeah sorry.”

“Well while we’re on the subject of music I must confess something…”

“What’s that?” I ask with an amused grin.

“Well, I wish I would have known your taste in music a long time ago, because then I wouldn’t have waited so long to make my move.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I was awfully tentative at first in my attempts to woo you, but if I would have known your love for bands like Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, and Sleater- Kinney I would have probably jumped your bones in middle school.”

“What does me liking those bands have to do with anything? Other than my obviously kick ass taste in music…”

“Well, Nai… they are considered to be liked by people who are… well lets just say, of the gay variety.”

“Wow Ems I never took you as the kind of gal who played into stereotypes. So are you calling me gay?”

Emily smiles mischievously and says, “No I’m not calling you gay, I’m calling you EXTREAMELY gay!”

As Emily laughs, I jump off the bed taking the sheets with me and wrapping them around myself, and march towards my bedroom door in mock anger.

“Naomi, wait… I’m sorry, come back!”

I glare over my shoulder at a naked Emily sitting on the edge of my bed, looking surprised by my abruptness. After a couple more seconds of blankly staring at her, she starts to look uncomfortable from my lack of words. She mouths a silent “please” and looks to almost be on the verge of tears. Okay, I’ve let this go on long enough I guess. Turning quickly on my heels and dropping my sheets, I practically tackle Emily flat on back, pinning her wrists back with one hand and tickling her with the other.

“Naomi! Stop it! You know I’m ticklish!”

“Then take it back!”

Emily says nothing, just continues to laugh under my surprise tickle attack.

“Please, Nai, or I’m likely to piss myself…”

I stop for a second, because even though I love Emily and find her fucking adorable, the idea of her pissing my bed of laughter doesn’t quite sit well with me.

“Okay, take it back then, say I’m not gay… or I won’t make love to you for a whole month!”

I realize just how ridiculous I sound as soon as the words come out of my mouth and can’t help but smile at the irony of this whole situation. I feel Emily shift under my weight, she sighs and puts on a small frown.

“Alright, alright, I take it back, you’re not gay; in fact you’re the straightest girl I’ve know, even if you do have a girlfriend.”

I smile even wider at my apparent victory and relinquish my grip on Em’s wrists placing my hands tenderly on her bare chest. After a beat Emily looks at me very seriously and in a warning tone says, “ Well since you’re straight, and not gay at all, may I suggest that you remove your hands from my tits? I mean this certainly isn’t appropriate behavior for a straight girl.”

After a second of no movement on my part, Emily flashes me a cheeky smile begins to sit up right while moving my hands off her breasts while pushing me aside. I prop myself up on one elbow and lean over to place a sweet kiss on Emily’s lips.

“Okay, so maybe I am a little gay,” I say before kissing her again, this time harder.

“Just a little bit?” She says, before our kissing grows needier and more rapid.

When I pull away I breathlessly sigh, “Alright, maybe I’m a lot gay then… but only for you, and because I love you.”

“It better be only for me Campbell… and, ditto.”

“Ugh! Don’t say that.”


“Because it reminds me too much of Patrick Swayze in that crap movie Ghost. I mean why couldn’t he just say “I Love y--”



“As much as I’d love to hear your rather opinionated tangent on how awful the movie Ghost is, I suggest you shut up and finish what you started earlier, or I’m likely to burst.”

“Oh no we wouldn’t want that now would we,” I say sarcasm thick in my voice. I begin to move my hands slowly down the sides of Emily’s body when she suddenly stops me.

“Oh, and Nai?”


“You’re not getting out of this birthday stuff no matter what, so don’t even try. Got it?”


“Oh, and Naomi, I love you too, and I promise I’ll make it up to you.”


Okay so maybe this won’t be so bad after all.


Lolskins (katie/emily)
The best of Katie and Emily.... let me know what you think!

LOL Skins (2)

 I had too much fun with the last one so here's a few more

LOL Skins
 So I decided that each week I am going to post LOLskins ( because it's easier then sharing my emotions in a "real" journal entry)

The reason I chose Skins is because it is simply the best television program ever. (The U.S. needs to catch on)

here is my first ever LOLskins:


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